Here’s a piece from a student of the institute… enjoy… Tryphena Lizzert Ama Odehye Yeboah

I’ll be turning 20 in sixty-three days.

And that scares me. It feels as though there’s a lot I haven’t done –yet. Like climbed a mountain. Or stayed consistent with my journaling. Or danced in the rain. Or danced at all for people to see.

I have been hiding a lot. You’ll almost always find me in the library; buried in books with spines too huge for my arms to carry. But still. I choose to live there. But I’m beginning to understand that swimming in words and fiction and knowledge will not bring me a cake on my birthday or sing me a song.

But I want songs. And cakes. Lots of them.

I want love in all its shades. I want the crimson kind that makes it hard to sleep at night. Scarlet blue that makes hugs feel like home. And all the fading grey when all the…

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